I was in Bangkok for two days previously in Singapore for a long weekend. I’m from USA and live in a not sunny area. I haven’t traveled to a sunny destination for several years so I forgot that I have a reaction to the sun sometimes. I woke up with a severely itchy rash on my feet and knew that I needed to go in for a steroid injection. I called the number listed for help from my travel insurance from World Nomads. They suggested Bangkok Christian hospital. I and was immediately given an appointment with a dermatologist. I was taken care of in less than 1 hour. Given the injection I needed plus some prescriptions for take along. The staff were courteous and efficient. And it only cost me the equivalent of $45 US. I am a nurse practitioner so I feel that I can give an insider’s view of medical care. I worked in acute care settings for many years. I was quite pleased with my experience.

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