I am an American use to the level of service and quality provided by US hospitals and US military hospitals.

First, all public areas of the hospital are very clean, plush, and similar to a “airport lounge” for frequent flyers. All the staff was well groomed and wearing specific uniforms to identify their roles.

Second, as I moved from each speciality department, I was escorted by a staff member. Much different than my US experiences of roaming the hospital and getting dirty looks from the staff when asking for directions.

Visited for a Comprehensive Health Check which included vitals, blood / urine test, chest x-ray, stress test, and other more detailed tests. Was expecting to pay 13,000 baht ($390), but I was only charged 8,600 baht ($258). They seemed to skip a few of the tests and when I questioned the doctor about why these tests were missing, he stated that after our initial exam, those tests were not needed for somebody my age, race, and medical background.

Wow. A doctor that decided not to run tests that would have cost me an additional 4400 baht ($132). In addition to the 8600 baht, I was charged 877 baht ($26) for 2 prescriptions. I checked the prices on a US website, and those prescriptions would have cost me at least $140.

Yes. Maybe I should have insisted on the additional tests because they may have turned up something, but I specifically selected this doctor because he did his residency in my US hometown. We were able to communicate very well in English.

By Thai standards, this hospital is very expensive. That may explain why it was full of foreigners. Many of the Thais I know were very impressed that I would be visiting this hospital, and said that was only for rich people. Estimate that I saved about 50% of what I would have spent in the US, and the difference in level of customer service was dramatic.

My recommendation is to ask a lot of questions of the hospital via e-mail. Since I am a tourist with no Thai insurance, I paid via credit card. They even gave me a choice of being charged in Baht or USD.

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