I had surgery 3 weeks ago at this hospital, I had mid face lift upper eye
lid surgery and tummy tuck. Dr Pitch was my surgeon and was was great. I was in there for 5 nights. So far I am very happy with my results. The treatment at the hospital I could not fault I had my own very large room with own shower room with tv and the nurses couldnt do enough for you from bathing you to giving you your medicine to helping you any way you needed. The food was also great. The are very cautious with infection and are always putting on gloves and putting ointment on you. I think Dr Pitch is very popular with Australian ladies. And there are a lot getting done there. The prices are great. We stayed the night before just walking distance at the Phet Park Residence. But after that went into the city to stay until we had to get the stiches out before coming home. I went with a friend who also had her breast done. She had a lift and implant with Dr Pitch and she is also very happy. I
had it all organised before I left with sending photos via the internet. And
when we arrived had the consultation and surgery the same day with Dr Pitch.

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