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Dr. Chonthis Sinratchatanan Former President of the Facial Plastic Surgery Association of Thailand Currently, he is the President of the Asian Facial Plastic Surgery Association. Founder of Theeraporn Clinic Facial Plastic Surgery Institute, ASEAN Center in Thailand This is the background behind the development of the Thai surgeon industry to the world and is known with the double eyelid technique that has been accepted from the past to the present Ready to develop skills in the face lifting technique (FACE-LOCK & FACE-LIFT) by international surgeons who accept the skill. It is also a dissemination of knowledge of surgical techniques to surgeons around the world. With more than 40 years of experience and ability in plastic surgery

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Double Eyelid surgery
a unique technique developed by Dr. Chonlathit and the medical team of Theeraporn Clinic. It is a small perforation surgery. Or a short slit, three point locks Which is a permanent double eyelid surgery The results can be clearly seen. This technique has long been recognized by international surgeons. The medical team from Theeraporn Clinic was invited to give an academic lecture on this method of double eyelid surgery. For those interested and want to learn more, you can read the book Less is more my way and Asian Blepharoplasty.

Face Lift Surgery
a surgical surgery that was invented by Ajarn Chonthit. Sinratchatanan And a team of surgeons at Theeraporn Clinic This will help lift all parts of the face from the forehead area. To the lower face Sagging All wrinkles will disappear. And locks the face to a level of symmetry This face lift surgery technique is called “Lock System of Theeraporn Clinic”, a new innovation in surgical surgery. Through more than 20-30 years of research for facial cosmetic surgery with “Lock” system to be suitable for Asian people, especially the Lock System technique of Theeraporn Clinic, there are 7 systems as follows.

Nose surgery
Rhinoplasty with self-fat silicone wrap technique 
This technique is most useful for people with relatively little nose tissue. Because in addition to adding fullness to the nose Also has a prominent nose bridge, has a dimensional face, and a beautiful and natural nose shape Not a solid ridge, the silicone is clearly visible Including the use of fat to solve problems caused by nose surgery with silicone and thin nose Until unable to perform nose surgery again A self-fat filling technique can be replaced with silicone to be added. And restore tissues around the nose to return to normal again Because the fat helps make the nose meat thinner and fuller And most importantly, it is also safe Without the silicone distortion problem And the tip of the nose pierced

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