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Professional beauty design service by the Kongju Stylist team as if flying to surgery in Korea. It also offers other services such as Botox injections, injections of fillers (fillers), threading, as well as laser and treatment services. By a team of expert doctors With a team that has been well trained in beauty and service With emphasis on the best service And respond to individual needs Making evaluation According to the possibility that can be changed to look better Friendly advice and advice With regard to results and customer satisfaction To give the results and service to the heart and to leave with a smile.

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Kongju Clinic (Kongju Clinic), a comprehensive cosmetic and cosmetic clinic. From skin care Cosmetic surgery Make you beautiful as you like with service:
– Rhinoplasty with silicone
– Rhinoplasty with cartilage behind the ear
– Open style rhinoplasty
– Breast augmentation surgery
– Double Eyelid Surgery
– Chestnut Surgery
– Chin surgery
– Body Jet Liposuction
– Breast augmentation with own fat
-Varginal Tight Repair without surgery



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