I am a 65 year old woman and in June I had a mini facelift and neck lift which was performed by Dr Pitch at the Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok. Suffice to say, I am so very happy with the results, and would recommend Dr Pitch to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery. Dr Pitch is a very considerate man, and has a lovely bedside manner. I spent four days in hospital, and cannot praise the care I received enough. The nursing staff are exceptional, and the private rooms are very nice. I spent six months researching Dr Pitch and the Yanhee Hospital before making an appointment to consult Dr Pitch, and making a decision to go ahead with the surgery. Everything was done through Destination Beauty, and ran very perfectly. My husband also had his upper and lower eyelids done with Dr Pitch and is also very pleased with the results. Please, if you are considering any procedures, don’t let anyone here at home put you off regarding getting it done in Bangkok, because the process runs very smoothly, the care is very good and Dr Pitch certainly knows what he is doing.

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