I had a nice experience

I had a nice experience at BNH for food poisoning, twice. I know its minor but i was treated nicely and charged almost nothing.


Bankok Nursing Home Hospital

During a recent visit to Bangkok I experienced a severe kidney stone attack. Although I have had previous experiences with stones, this was by far the worst. Fortunately, I was transported to BNH for treatment. The treatment was superior to any I have received in the U.S.. The staff was incredibly attentive, compassionate and professional. I would not hesitate to seek treatment at BNH for any condition up to and including life threatening ailments. BNH will be my first choice for care during future visits to Bangkok

Coleman Modd

Absolutely a modern five star

Absolutely a modern five star facility. Polite, helpful, friendly, efficient, totally professional, knowledgeable, confidence inspiriing…..wonderful helpful doctors with fabulous credentials. Better than any hospital in the US at 1/4 the cost. English spoken. Always good service here… smiling nurses and professional doctors! Been here many times! Awesome!

Wild Alaska Kenvill

Good hospital in town

“I was here visiting lovely BKK when I had the unfortunate experience of having a very bad food poisoning. Since most local clinics were closed on Sunday morning I had to resort to BNH hospital. In summary I recovered after a day (thankfully!) “

Leonard Wee

My wife got food poisoning,

My wife got food poisoning, it was a Sunday, many clinics were closed, so our last choice was hospital. It’s like 5 star hotel, staff opening car doors for you when you arrived. Place was clean and comfortable, service was quite good. We got charged 2000 baht for consultation and medicine. Doctor was very friendly and speak english very well. My wife got a lot better after taking the medicine, well enough to continue our trip the next day. I was very happy with that.

Yee Long Lo

The staff and service were really good and the level of English was also high

I’m an expat from USA, I’ve been to BNH four Times over 12 months. Always amazing service, one of the best experiences in medical ever! So caring, so clean, so nice, so fast and so cheap! I definitely recommend this hospital to anyone.




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