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Care-me is a leading company in Southeast Asia specializing in providing support services for customers interested in international medical examination and treatment and aesthetics. As a direct partner with leading hospitals in the region with continuous quality monitoring and evaluation, Careme advises to help you choose the best hospital, doctor suitable for your health condition or needs. aesthetics along with financial ability to ensure the peace of mind for you and your loved one.

Care-me accompanies through counseling, procedures, transportation, care, working with doctors as well as the ability to connect to hospitals quickly and support after treatment. People are completely assured to use Care-me’s services.


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Gói dịch vụ / NGÀY

đ1tr500 đ2tr500 đ5tr00
Tư vấn bệnh viện, viện phí, tình trạng sức khỏe và tài chính
Đưa đón khách hàng tại sân bay
Đặt lịch khám / lịch hẹn với bác sĩ
Đưa đón trong quá trình khám chữa bệnh
Phiên dịch trong quá trình khám chữa bệnh
Hướng dẫn làm thủ tục, hồ sơ, giấy tờ, viện phí...
Hỗ trợ sau điều trị
Y tá / nhân viên chăm sóc cá nhân
Ăn uống theo sở thích và hỗ trợ quá trình điều trị
Miễn phí 1 người đi cùng Đi lại, lưu trú Full dịch vụ Full dịch vụ
Giảm 10% cho lần sử dụng dịch vụ kế tiếp
Dịch bệnh án, giấy tờ, xét nghiệm chuẩn đoán sớm trước điều trị
Đưa đón thăm quan, mua sắm
Dịch vụ khẩn cấp
Tùy chọn theo nhu cầu khách hàng phí không bao gồm dịch vụ bên dưới:
Vé máy bay khứ hồi và hành lý đi kèm
Phí khách sạn, căn hộ trong thời gian lưu trú
Phí phát sinh cho người đi kèm ngoài qui định
  1. Counseling: Receiving records and consulting specific to each case, helping clients to choose the best hospital, doctor for their medical condition or aesthetic needs. suitable for personal financial ability
  2. Specialist support: Support translation of medical records into English, consultation with a specialist before treatment
  3. Schedule appointments: Make medical appointments and treatments and pre-schedule your trip
  4. Accommodation, travel: Book flights, Select the hotel closest to customer needs, book and arrange transportation on time
  5. Contract: Careme contracts with detailed hospital, doctor, and accompanying service packages as well as details of the cost to be paid by the customer. Insurance is included in the package during the treatment. For cancellation terms, please refer to the Terms tab
  6. Payment: The customer pays 100% of the contract cost at the latest 1 day before the trip. In case of emergency CAREME will immediately perform steps 2-3 immediately after payment of the day
  7. Preparation: Careme sends a list of all necessary information for customers to prepare before the trip including procedures, related papers, notes needed in the process medical examination
  8. Confirmed schedule: Careme sent again detailed schedule to confirm the detailed transportation schedule, except for emergency Careme sent right on the trip before you set foot to the airport
  1. Careme staff always make sure to contact customers as soon as they get off the airport and pick them up at the nearest lobby
  2. Take a guest directly to a hospital or hotel by a vehicle with confirmed schedule details
  3. Transporting clients to assist with admission procedures, medical examination and treatment, interpreting with doctors
  4. Serving customers, eating on time and in accordance with their health and preferences
  5. At the end of the examination and treatment process, the staff will take the customer directly to the airport, instruct the necessary procedures
  1. Continuing to keep in touch with the client to follow up on all necessary health developments after treatment
  2. Support to connect and work with doctors to advise and support patients in the follow-up process
  3. Make plans for follow-ups or that arise in the course of your treatment
  4. Receive customer feedback on service, quality of hospitals, doctors or all of Careme’s services and staff to improve service even better

1. Service cancellation:

  • Cancellation of service 15 days in advance will be refunded 100% of the paid service fee
  • Cancellation of service 7 days before, 100% refund of medical fee and 50% of support service fee provided by Careme during the course of treatment
  • After 7 days of refund, you will be charged 30% of the full contract value paid for package services or 100% of Careme support service cost

2. Trip insurance:

All customers will be insured during the medical examination and treatment process
Worldwide coverage (except Vietnam)
Emergency medical guarantee and relief service in Vietnamese or other global languages ​​with just one call
Free 24/7 travel support services such as visa procedures, immunization requirements, information about embassies, law offices, medical facilities …
The maximum benefit is up to 30,000 USD /EUR /person /trip

3. Careme disclaimers

  • All risks arising in the course of medical examination and treatment are not within the responsibility of Careme. In its power, CAREME always helps protect customers’ interests of doctors and hospitals.
  • Accident during a medical stay abroad, will be due to the insurance terms that CAREME paid for the insurance company included in the service package to be compensated up to < strong> 30,000 USD /EUR /person /trip
  • Any delay or cancellation or arising from this incur costs related to hotel stay such as cancellation or transfer of flight
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