I am so grateful that I had the chance to get my breast augmentation done with Doctor Kittisak Vichachai at Lelux hospital. From the outside I was very fearful of going ahead with it , but I was wrong. My outcome is beyond fantastic.

After being so selective in choosing the right doctor I am beyond happy with my results, not only that the shape is to perfection but the natural feel of it is uncompairable to other that I have seen. Its perfect in every way.

I highly recommend Doctor Kittisak Vichachai he is definitely the best at what he does along with all his team and staff at the hospital, one word EXCEPTIONAL. The whole staff from customer service, to nurses and even the cleaning team was so pleasant to be around. The system they have at the hospital is very professional. Thank you so much for giving me back my confidence and for being so patient with all my request. Im not one that would normally right reviews but this review has to be done.

High quality work should be heard of and this doctor is defiantly where I would recommend you to get your breast augmentation no questions asked.

Thank you so much for bringing a smile back on my face and into my life. Im grateful to select LeLux hospital and Dr. Kittisak Vichachai

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